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Increase Fan engagement in your digital platforms and get unique fan-generated content

There are too many digital platforms and social media networks out there. Getting Fans engaged and interacting in your digital platforms is harder than ever.

Valorafutbol SaaS

  • Increase Fan engagement and interaction in your digital platforms (Web/App) by plugging VF SaaS.
  • Get instant free real-time unique content generated from Fans ratings.
  • Captures relevant Fan data that helps you know better your customers.


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Selected Testimonials

"Valorafutbol is really usefull because it allows fans to prove they also have a word to say about players performance. It is not just about "experts" or professionals, but also fans are listened throughout this new tool"
Julio Maldonado
"Valorafutbol is the solution that football needs. This is passion voice in numbers, and what is football without passion or fans decisions. It helps to increase fan engagement during football events making fans part of the game"
Mohammed Awaad
Thanks to VF, we are able to create a number of activations in our match-coverage studio, across our social media channels and digital products. A must for sports destinations that wish to increase audience and engagement!"
Karim Saade

Valorafutbol Saas products

Valorafutbol API

All the features and services of the whole ValoraFutbol platform available from a fully functional API Rest. Build your own components and feed them with VF data.

Valorafutbol Widgets

Embed the VF most important components in you web pages and mobile applications by adding a simple piece of HTML in your sites or linking a WebView from your apps.

Valorafutbol Microsite

Get all the features of ValoraFutbol in one site, ready-to-deliver to you users with no configuration or integration required. Imagine all the widgets of VF together in a fully functional and complete site, built with your corporate interface and ready to be deployed in your domain.

VF Second-Screen Widget

Capture the feeling of your users in-game… while a match is being played, embed the second screen widget when the important events occur and let the users give an opinion while they watch the match.The second screen widget can be attached mixed with your content.

Valorafutbol Fan Polls

Instead of letting your users rate players, managers and referees during games… why don’t you create a rating context where your users can rate with the VF 5-star rating concept any player, team, manager or referee whenever you want?

Valorafutbol Dashboard

Included with VF, the Dashboard allows you to get the most of the VF platform, by accessing your usage, user behavior, statistics and tools so you can configure your components and experience from one site.

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