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There are too many digital platforms and social media networks out there. Getting Fans engaged and interacting in your digital platforms is harder than ever.

Valorafutbol SaaS

  • Increase Fan engagement and interaction in your digital platforms (Web/App) by plugging VF SaaS.
  • Get instant free real-time unique content generated from Fans ratings.
  • Captures relevant Fan data that helps you know better your customers.



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"Valorafutbol is really usefull because it allows fans to prove they also have a word to say about players performance. It is not just about "experts" or professionals, but also fans are listened throughout this new tool"
Julio Maldonado
"Valorafutbol is the solution that football needs. This is passion voice in numbers, and what is football without passion or fans decisions. It helps to increase fan engagement during football events making fans part of the game"
Mohammed Awaad
Thanks to VF, we are able to create a number of activations in our match-coverage studio, across our social media channels and digital products. A must for sports destinations that wish to increase audience and engagement!"
Karim Saade

Unique live content 100% generated by the Fans

MVP of the Game/Week

The individual performance of the best player during a game/week stands out in these infographics. It is always based on fans ratings of the players, bringing this emotional part of the fans into numbers.

Team of the Week

In this infographic we show the best team of a week in a determined competition for the fans. Players are rated by the fans individually, and placed according to their position in the field.

Post-Game Performance

This infographic shows the performance of 1-2 players during the game, showing the final rating for the fans. It also shows some statistics about the individual performance of the player throughout the game.

Pre-Game Performance

Comparison of the performance of some players during a selected period, showing the final rating for the fans and some statistics about the individual performance of the players in the games played during this period.

Game Performance

Performance of 1-2 players during a game. Ratings are divided in periods of 5 minutes, studying the influence and performance of the players for the fans in every moment of the game.

Top 5 players

It shows the top 5 players during a week/game, placing the MVP in the center of the infographic. The perfect way to understand which players had the best performance for the fans.

Pre-game infographic

A first preview of the games which will be played the following week in the competition and the performance of the players and teams during the competition until that moment.

TV Broadcasting

On live information about players and managers in TV broadcasting. The perfect way to show fans feelings during the game.

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