Valorafutbol Fan Polls

Ask Fans about their feelings

Ask your audience

Instead of letting your users rate players, managers and referees during games… why don’t you create a rating context where your users can rate with the VF 5-star rating concept any player, team, manager or referee whenever you want?

Fan Engagement

Use this functionality to engage your audience at the moments when games are not being played during the week. It will give them a reason to interact with our components embedded in your platforms increase fan engagement.

Valorafutbol Fan Polls

The perfect way to ask your audience about their feelings of whatever you have interest in. Engage Fans asking them what they think about football players.

How easy is to create a poll?

Create a poll in Valorafutbol dashboard is as easy as you can see in the video. It will take you one minute to create the poll you need to engage your audience in your different digital platforms.

Valorafutbol Polls in Social Media

You just need to use the link created in the poll creation process and insert it you posts in social media. Automatically, you will be able to ask your audience about their feelings.