valorafutbol for Clubs

Make relevant the opinion of the fans

END TO END SERVICE - How fans, Sports Clubs and VF SaaS come together

Valorafutbol has been created to attend the Sports & Entertainment industry needs

Use your digital channels to know your fans better

The fans rate the performance of players, referees, and managers during the match.

Fans can rate through their smartphones and/or from devices present in the stadium (totems).

VF takes all Fan-data and generates relevant insights to be linked with gamification techniques.

Enhance the fan experience at your stadium

1. Pre-Match

> Asking Fans about the scores and who will be the best rated players.

> Use fan-data generated to gamify before the game.

2. Match

> Fans rate and interact in real-time by using our technology deployed in the digital club ecosystem and in tech totems. 

> Generate graphics and unique content during the game.

3. Post-Match

> Link Fans feelings to rewards and show them how their opinions count:

> Best rater of the day, month, season…

> Best player of the match, month and season by the Fans ratings.

Personalize fan experience

Use Social Media & Push Notifications to boost the Engagement with your audience

Use VF SaaS to multiply fan interactions in your platforms (App and Web) by 5 times. Fans will come to rate and check the rankings to your sites. Attract them by using your social media channels and push notifications.

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