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  • ValoraFutbol is a technology platform that allows football fans to interact among them and rate top sports stars. Our real-time engine is connected to media platforms and other digital entities everywhere.
  • Valora’s data Platform collects, prepares and organizes that vast and growing amount of data, that is then transformed into insights, visuals, and outcomes that we push into media and digital channels, allowing worldwide fans to have real-time access (during sport events) to ratings provided by the global crowd about their favorite players.
  • All fans can rate through the  engine that VF displays in the main sports media websites and apps. Check out on our website which platforms are using our technology.
  • Fans rate between 1 & 5 stars the performance of the players, referees and managers on a football match.
  • The system allows to rate during the game and 4 hours after the final whistle.
  • We have designed an “anti-trolls” algorithm aligned with our purpose “Put Fans at the center of the game“. The system gets the power to the fans, so ratings are 100% generated by fans.
  • How? We categorize users in 4 levels of fans:
    • Beginners
    • Amateurs
    • Professional
    • Experts
  • The level of the users depends on the quality of their ratings (better as closer to the final rating). Each level has a relevance, so the ratings made by high-level users are more important than users in low levels
  • The final rating is a value calculated with the rating of each user according to the relevance of his level
  • VF was born to give a voice to all football fans. We collect, analyze and transform the fans feelings into amazing fan-data based content.
  • Our value proposition has been designed to help Sports Media, Brands, Clubs and players agents to get closer to the Fans, by knowing the Fans feelings in real-time through their ratings.
  • All Fans interactions generate millions of data records that can be subsequently analyzed and help our clients (Sports Media, Brands, Clubs and players) to improve their business models.
  • You can choose from 3 different ways: Widgets, Microsite and API.
  • Here you can check our Product and pricing section where you will find all the relevant information – Pricing –
  • Also, as a club or player agent, you might want to know deeper about how is the Fans perception of your players. Ask for a VF report.

We are in the middle of the new era of data and machine learning that is transforming the way we enjoy sports. We truly believe on fan-data and generate two main types of data:

Players Performance Data (PPD)

  • Team / Player of the week
  • Players’ performance analysis
  • Players’ comparisons
  • Collective and Individual progression
  • Match analysis
  • Pre & Post-match fan feelings
  • Fans behavior analysis

Fan Behavior Data (FBD)

  • Demographics
  • Favorite Team/s
  • Favorite Player/s
  • Rivalries (Players, Teams)
  • Level of iActivity
  • Level of “fanaticism”