• Competitions implemented: Copa America.
  • Valorafutbol API full integration.
  • Valorafutbol personalized microsite full integration in DirecTV Website and App.
  • Valorafutbol content used on live TV Shows.
  • The unique live content generated has been used to feed all social media channels.
  • More than 30k users have rated and interacted with VF components embedded in DirecTV platforms during Copa America.
  • We have gathered +70k ratings from DirecTV clients throughout the competition.
  • DirecTV clients have predicted more than 12k Copa America´s games.
  • Fan engagement has increased in TV Shows when VF data has been showed
  • The usage of push notifications during “live events” helps to exponentially multiply the number of ratings.
  • The organic engagement through social media channels has been increased when VF unique content has been posted.
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