The Barça online media

  • Competition implemented: LaLiga Santander and UEFA Champions League.
  • Full integration of Valorafutbol personalized microsite in Sport´s website here:
  • Implementation of the prediction system for pre-game engagement.
  • Personalized infographics based on fans´ ratings and feelings.
  • Innovative content based on demographic and sociological aspects of the fans (age, gender)
  • Social media channels fed by the unique live content generated through VF.
  • Achievement of +120k users in Diario Sport platforms for 2017/18 season for Barcelona´s games.
  • More than 1 million ratings during the season by Barcelona´s fans.
  • + 100k users have rated and interacted with VF components embedded in Sport.
  • More than 15k predictions along the season.
  • Valorafutbol content shared in Sport social media having extraordinary fan engagement, creating a budget of fans interested in this live content.
  • Creation of news and content for Sport Webpage based on Valorafutbol data, monetizing it through commercial agreements with sponsors.

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