Release 4 (API) – Intigral

Again, we are lucky. In order to expand the network of collaborations that allow us to reach a greater number of fans around the world, we have reached an agreement with Intigral, an Arabic telecommunications company focused on entertainment and sports, to offer readers of Dawri + the possibility of valuing players during the World Cup, paying special attention to the Arab countries that play in the competition. In addition, the agreement includes tracking the Saudi League during the 18-19 season and the use of our API. It is an exceptional new for football fans in Middle East.

Integration with Intigral SSO users login, adding to all Intigral users the possibility to access all microsite content, this users have the new help section where they can know how the rating system works. Also they have the option to access the all old microsite content and new custom help section where all users can know how the rating system works. We customize the microsite to integrate it in the Intigral website and mobile app styles.

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